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Hosted by Sharad Lal

A podcast that explores ways to live a good life.

Top 3 in Singapore. Top 5% Globally.

Listened to in over 75 Countries and 550 Cities.

Tune in for a new episode every two weeks. 


If you are looking to manage stress, deepen relationships, navigate midlife, build resilience, or simply add more meaning to your life - this podcast is for you. Life coach and successful entrepreneur, Sharad Lal has supported hundreds of people in living a more fulfilling life. In this podcast, he combines wisdom from ancient texts, philosophy, mindfulness, spirituality, and psychology, with his learnings as a coach. You will be able to relate to these concepts and easily incorporate them into your modern-day life. Topics range from mental health, career, relationships, transitions, resilience, purpose, stoicism, and many others. 

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