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Areas of Expertise

Executive Coaching, Leadership, Career, Emotional Intelligence, Stress, Facilitation


Jane is a purpose driven Leadership, Organisational Development, Executive Coach and Facilitator. With a passion for connection, she works with others to find balance and gain control of their stress, emotions and reactions by developing a witness mindset so they feel alive, are able to weather any storm, and are back in the driving seat of their lives.


She has been an agent of innovation and change throughout her career, across varied roles and global locations with over 20+ years corporate landscape including CXO positions.  She has been a leader of people within organisations; coaching, mentoring and facilitating. Jane has also sat on boards and contributed to strategic direction. She has worked with global teams and travelled extensively giving her a strong cultural appreciation and adaptability.


Jane has a mission to bring the full human experience in to the workplace so that people can be their most authentic selves, leading to greater productivity, engagement and fulfilment. She has the skills needed to be impactful and has what it takes to develop connection within the workplace. Jane is inspired and energised by clients who are ready to embrace what it means to be ‘real’ today and organisations who are ready to create environments that support authentic interactions for the maximum benefit to their people and their businesses.


> Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)

> Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

> Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF)

> Mentor with Thrive Mentoring and Impactech Start up Accelerator

Fun Facts

> Jane grew up in Sydney, lived in London and NY, settled in Singapore for past last 14 years

> Mother of 3 crazy kids, she is a master negotiator with the highest degree of patience and a great sense of humour 

> Keen meditator and self-explorer, she has enjoyed many meditation courses including Intuitive Healing Level 1 & 2, Good Vibrations (high vibration practices) and Shape Shifting (a process of conscious creation)


"Jane has played a pivotal role in helping to develop the leadership potential of our customers. She has a wealth of ‘real world’ experience, and is able to draw on that experience in her capacity as an consultant, coach and facilitator." – Senior Manager, Training Company


"Jane is brilliant with words and finding the root cause of an emotion/feeling. We were connected via a mentor/mentee initiative (ThriveMentoring) and our conversations have been nothing short of insightful, inspiring and eye opening. Jane is a skilled listener, full of surprising tips and questions which get you to think differently; she’s able to connect the dots and exudes positive energy. She’s taught me more about refraining, the importance of rituals and through her guidance I’m continuing to grow more self-aware" -  HR Professional, female, 30s


"Jane coached me through a challenging life situation and immediately identified and helped me process some deep emotions I didn’t even realise were there and holding me back. She is down to earth, pragmatic and approachable and her creativity and spot-on intuition make her a natural coach! Combined with her extensive corporate background and business experience, Jane has the ability to support people on a variety of personal and life issues, through to helping executives navigate their senior leadership roles. I’d highly recommend working with Jane!" – Business Owner, female, 30’s


"The impact Jane gifted me in a single 15 minute session outweighed 4 months of therapy. Her ability for empathy and connection builds an instant sense of trust and rapport allowing a broad range of topics to be discussed and generating meaningful transformation." – Business Owner, male, 30’s