Embracing the Power of Intuition...

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Connecting with and embracing our intuition is a powerful way to attract what we want into our lives. Watch this 1 minute video with Sarah Lal, MyLifehouse Co-Founder and Coach.

Intuition is a force we can harness to steer our choices and actions. It's that sixth sense and hunch you get when you know something feels right or wrong. But this feeling doesn't always come easily. It can be difficult to drown out the noise. We can feel confused by doubt, or overly distracted by external advice, views, and expectations. Our inner voice is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. If left ignored for too long, or if we rely too much on the voice of others, we can loose connection with our own instincts.

Yet deep down, you have a vast reserve of inner knowledge and wisdom. With some space and reflection, you'll know what it is you really need more of today...

Need to connect with your intuition?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, here's a simple technique to reconnect with yourself.

Say Yes to what will serve you

- Pause and close your eyes,

- Deep breath for a minute,

- Ask yourself "what do I need?"

- Continue to breath and ask this question,

- As things come through to you...

- Say YES to what will better serve you.

Finish these sentences.

I say YES to...

I say NO to...

This process of stating a claim to what your conscious mind, body, and/or soul needs is a way of setting intentions that your subconscious self can carry forwards. It can shift your entire outlook; where your actions, choices, and overall vibe work towards attracting what you want in life.

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