Executive Coaching with Circles.Life

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

We are delighted to be supporting the leadership at Circles Life during a phase of high growth and expansion.

The trail-blazing digital telco is on track to nab 5 percent of Singapore's post-paid market by the year end, less than three years after it set up shop.

They are also branching into digital lifestyle products and planning to launch telco services in two other unspecified countries early next year. In line with this business growth, the leadership team must quickly up-skill. We are helping accelerate professional growth through an executive coaching program; empowering management, expanding their capability, and helping to develop leaders who will be taking the company to new heights.

Developing successful leaders

Executive Coaching is a specialised form of coaching which focuses on areas such as communication, team and time management, self confidence, emotional control, culture, building trust, influencing and strategic thinking.

Our initial emphasis is understanding specific goals of the coachee in partnership with their manager during the early phase of an Exec Coaching program. It’s important to be set up for success; select only 2-3 key focus areas. We utilise a measurable approach and ensure everyone (coach, coachee, and manager) understand how to best support, engage in, and enjoy the experience. Once a coach and coachee have agreed to work together, they enter into a confidential environment.

Heres how we do it:

While the focus is professional growth, many clients find unexpected personal benefits; such as improved relational skills at home, deeper self-awareness, and how to harness ones strengths in many aspects of life.

This creative yet measurable process can produce quick results and insights, but more often we see the best outcomes after the coachee progresses through phases of discovery and emersion, through to embed and sustain. It can be a transformative process.

We believe everyone in an organisation should have access to coaching, and not just the senior management. So we have also designed programs specifically for new and mid-career managers, which follow a similar format and process to coaching executives, so that all future leaders can grow and thrive.

For more info on our Executive Coaching programs and the benefits to you or your team please reach out to us at connect@mylifehouse.co.