Start with the end in mind - Q&A with Sarah Lal

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Sarah brings her unique mix of positivity and drive as a Life & Executive Coach, supporting high performing people to access their inner resources so they can succeed in many aspects of life. As Co-Founder & CEO of MyLifehouse, she's on a mission to bring the joys of coaching to a wider audience and access to top quality coaches. We are delighted to share more about Sarah in this Q&A.

Can you share an important learning for creating and running a company?

There are so many, it's hard to narrow down to one. I'm into my fifth business venture and learnt a lot from success and quite a few failures. An important thing I discovered is to know your ultimate objective and WHY you are doing something. Get really clear on what’s important. What are the reasons and drivers for creating the business? Be very honest with yourself. It will shift depending on personal priorities or the business phase, and that's ok too.

In creating MyLifehouse, our core philosophy is to grow the business organically, independently, and slowly in harmony with our values. I prefer this model now to the funding approach, which is popular. We didn’t want investment to scale quickly or build sophisticated technology. We spent a lot of time clarifying our motivation. It’s important to us to remain true to our vision and keep things simple. Also my personal drivers have evolved. At this point, my focus is meaningful work with inspiring people. And I love that we can choose which projects we take on and the coaches we collaborate with. Everything we do is aligned to our mission, which makes it a lot of fun.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in business that you can pass on?

“Start with the end in mind”

I love this! It has helped me in all aspects of life, not just business. With our coaching platform, we want greater impact in the world, but with less effort and stress compared to previous work environments. By knowing the objective of a project, a phone call, an email, a presentation, anything… we can then be more useful to others and allocate our time.

It also helps with conflict and tough choices. With a clear end goal, it's easier to weigh up the likely result and consider - Is this worth my energy? Will this action get me nearer to my objective, or is it distracting me from my purpose? There are so many distractions, and so much noise, when creating a new initiative. So having a clear end point is powerful. It helps go from good to great. I use this approach almost every day.

What influenced you getting where you are today as a Life and Executive Coach?

Watch this short video to hear from Sarah.

Can you share a success story experienced through your coaching?

A success story that stands out is a client who came to me feeling blocked on many levels. She's super talented and runs a business as a sole-founder. But she was feeling disconnected, flat, uninspired, and overwhelmed. She also struggled prioritising. Each session was like a power-hour where she had realisations, overcame barriers, embraced her ideas and talents, and she could move forwards. We also brainstormed business strategy and bounced a lot of ideas. She always came away from our coaching with clarity. The regular sessions and communication also ensured accountability. Her business has grown to new heights and I love seeing her soar.

So what’s next for you and MyLifehouse?

Lots of exciting projects in the works. We are producing a video series interviewing leaders and influencers, conducting a research study, and developing a new training program. The other night I was so energised I could barely sleep. Had ideas running through my mind till early morning. The pockets of heightened creativity are my favourite. But it’s not always like that. There are so many aspects to MyLifehouse that I love… coaching with inspiring clients, creating quality content, and meeting awesome coaches. I love to be around so many uplifting and brave people. Keeps the flame alive.

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