Why Coaching, I'm already doing great!

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

There are common misconceptions about life coaching. Watch this 1 min video with Sharad Lal, MyLifehouse Co-Founder and Coach.

Sharad is an Executive & Life Coach and successful entrepreneur who has always been passionate about mentoring and coaching. Through the CKL mentorship program, a cause close to his heart, Sharad found fulfilment in helping people discover their career paths. This led him to connect with a deeper purpose and awareness that coaching impacts not only careers, but our lives holistically. This inspired Sharad to co-create MyLifehouse, which seeks to demystify life coaching, expand its access, and help people find their authenticity.  

By understanding your unique needs and goals, MyLifehouse connects you with a professional coach, who helps break through boundaries, so you can thrive and succeed in all areas of your life.

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