Sharad Lal, MyLifehouse, Life Coaching, Exec Coach

Areas of Expertise

Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Career, Leadership, Fulfilment, Facilitation


Sharad is an Executive & Life Coach who has always been passionate about coaching. He specialises in helping people access their inner brilliance and unlock their true potential. As a key note speaker, certified coach, and successful entrepreneur, he has supported over 500 people to overcome hardships and accelerate their careers. Sharad first found fulfilment in helping people discover their career paths through founding the CKL mentorship program, a cause close to his heart. This led him to connect with a deeper purpose and awareness that coaching impacts not only careers, but our lives holistically. This inspired Sharad to co-create MyLifehouse, which seeks to demystify life coaching, expand its access, and help people find their authenticity.  


Entrepreneurship, through success and failure, entrenched Sharad’s skills in creating, hustling, selling, and leading. Since building his first business at 23 during the dot com era, Sharad has founded and led a wide variety of ventures. Once an idea sets in, there’s no stopping him. He is a master at ideation, strategy and team development. His ventures include a successful mid-size marketing and communications agency, trendy dot com e-magazine, fitness tech aggregator, CKL mentorship program, and now the MyLifehouse coaching platform. Prior to this, Sharad started his career with world class organizations such as BCG, P&G and AON Hewitt across management consulting, marketing, and HR consulting.


Sharad’s coaching and entrepreneurial experience is invaluable for those wishing to maximise their potential, accelerate their careers and discover their life purpose. 


> Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Certified Coach (Executive Coaching)

> Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

> MBA, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C)

> Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, St. Stephen's College 

Fun Facts

> Meditates every morning

> Enjoys people watching and is curious about the life stories of random strangers

> Cobbled streets, surrounded by medieval buildings, with cafes around the corner… Europe is Sharad's favorite travel destination


“Sharad inspired a lot of trust from the onset, helping me share my vulnerabilities fearlessly. His techniques worked almost organically, paving way for clarity with every successive session. Our sessions helped me not only in the specific issues covered but also in providing guidance towards holistic well-being. I sincerely believe now that Life Coaching done right is a must for everyone.” - Associate Director, Female, 34


“My morale was probably at its lowest and stress at its highest. Over time, thinking through the discussions, we had over a couple of cups of coffee has helped me build back some confidence and realise that it’s not the end of the world” - Studying for Masters (M.Sc), Male, 32


“Sharad helped me feel comfortable with the uncertainty. Most importantly, Sharad really boosted my confidence in going for interviews. He was very encouraging and brought to light strengths I did not realise I had!” - Assistant Director, Female, 38


“I had lost confidence in myself and my abilities due to a slew of rejections. Sharad was able to pick up and articulate some of my strengths that I knew I had, but for reason had forgotten about. He managed to renew my confidence in myself and this validation coming from a person of his stature made all the difference.” - Tech Sales Manager, Male, 30