Q&A with Agi Heale, Executive Coach

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Agi is an uplifting and inspiring Executive Coach with a genuine desire to help people build happier more successful lives. She mixes neuroscience and co-active coaching techniques, and specialises in supporting high potential professionals get to the next level at work. Through a collaborative and practical style, she provides a range of useful tools and cultivates a positive mindset.

We love working with Agi; warm, positive, well travelled (having grown up in USA and Hong Kong, studied in the UK, and now living in Singapore), and she is an AWESOME person to be around! We are delighted to share more about her in this Q&A.

Agi, please share with us your idea of perfect happiness.

What makes me very happy is being with my family and feeling fully content. It is often the smallest moments that mean the most to me. 

What motivated you to become a professional coach? 

I lived a fast-paced, high-achieving and successful career, but I was burnt out and desperately unfulfilled. I decided to quit and went on an adventure to find what I wanted to do. I tried everything you can think of and having had coaching at different moments in my life. I enrolled with City University on a Coaching for Business course. I loved it and pursued it ever since; going on to train with ITS and Coaches Training Institute. I am motivated now to ensure that no-one feels as lost, helpless and frustrated as I did. There are other ways! 

As a business owner, what was the biggest mindset shift that occured when you started your practice?

That I need to run all aspects of the business... from coaching down to ordering print cartridges! 

Can you share a success story experienced through your coaching?

One client success story that always stands out is a lady who had been 'playing small'. Everything was an internal battle and for years she had held back, never feeling good enough. The most powerful moment for me, was when through coaching she started to feel empowered, confident, calm and resilient. She has since been promoted, manages a team and feels happy. When asking her now 'What's possible?' her response is 'Anything...' 

What is your focus this year? 

Continue to build my business in Singapore and look to expand across APAC, whilst continuing to travel the region with my family. 

How can clients get the most out of coaching?

Watch this short video to hear directly from Agi.

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